To start off I’m obviously new here and might come off rather amateurish, even childish, to the ‘well-read’ and ‘well blogged’ eye. I believe an introduction of myself is necessary although it kind of feels like I’m talking to a brick wall here, having no followers. The name’s Quao, Eugene Quao. First off, I have to warn you I sometimes black out when I’m in the middle of things, and people tell me afterwards I kept on functioning on a more normal and likeable level than I usually do, which is frankly hurtful. They mention I refer to myself as Sam Brown which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to me. To begin, I come off a rather eccentric dull dud who seems disinterested in just about everything happening around me. I’ve come to realise putting on that demeanour makes people think I’m rather anti-social and stuck up and prompts them to leave me alone. I won’t deny being anti-social – I enjoy spending time alone indoors staring at my computer’s screen than mingling with the outsiders (a term I use to reference the remaining fraction of society who may or may not be more normal than I am) and even love being away from my family, as they don’t get my need for privacy and peace of mind as much as I wished. I admit; I AM guilty of being weird and self-conceited sometimes and can be rather annoying without even trying (couple weeks ago I managed to tick off a judge who threatened to throw me in jail. I might even have to flee if said judge reads this……no, seriously.) I love friends. Not actual people I mean the show with Chandler, Monica, Joey, Ross, Rachel and Phoebe and usually watch at least 5 episodes a week although I’ll admit I think Seinfeld is a better show. Eerr I seem to be losing my train of thought here please hold while I ermm…..

Hello, Samantha here, you can call me Sam. I’m Eugene’s conscience here to tell you who he really is instead of all that crap he’s been telling you so far. You’ll notice it’s me by my use of the third person to reference him. I take over his thoughts more often than he’s aware of to save us all from shame and embarrassment. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve had to do that if I told you. Hold on, lemme see what he’s been telling you about him. ‘I come off a rather dull eccentric dud….” Wait, did any of you buy that? I mean he introduced himself using the James Bond style. “The name’s Quao, Eugene Quao?” My word what a prick. I can’t stand the guy. He is the most over the top character you could meet. He exaggerates everything. EVERYTHING!! You have no idea how horrible it is sharing a brain with this sod. He is very very stupid to confess. For instance, he likes to pretend he knows V’s introductory speech from V from Vendetta and can recite it off the top of his head, but secretly he has a screenshot of the speech and copies and pastes parts of it in conversations to sound intelligent. Sometimes I want to materialize and slap the living daylight out of his face just to keep him quiet. I see he conveniently left out the part about the judge he ticked off being his sister. I’ll let him do that explanation when he decides. He’s right about referring to everybody else as the outsiders though the more appropriate term he frequently uses is humans. Yes, he calls others humans in his head (Now you know exactly what I’m dealing with here). To be fair, he was quite bright at best as a kid (as were a million other children). Those were our best years. I loved being with him then. His transition from bright with a good future to unspoken “flop” is rather expected – sort of like what happens with all the actresses who troop to Los Angeles with big dreams, only to end up pushed out the other end of the porn industry. Hold on a minute. How many followers does he have? Zero. Shocking. It could be that no one’s reading this. This is absolutely not surprising at all. Oh, wait he’s coming around. I have to scram. Until next time. And don’t worry he cannot see any of what I type. It appears as a dull uninteresting part of his essay to him. Hehe (No that wasn’t mischievous enough) MUAHAHAHAHA (Nailed it). This should be fun. Now be cool or he might get unto us.

Hey there. Where was I? Oh yeah, the introduction. I am a very thorough person. I’ll take time to proofread this painfully and won’t post this unless every word typed has been vetted by me.


I think this has been a rather verbose introduction enough. I look forward to this. Hopefully this is the start of something exciting. Cheers everyone.


  1. This is the best I’ve read so far. Great choice of words, wonderful imagery, … it gets into your head.
    I’m hoping Eugene writes something anytime he feels like it.

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  2. D’marshal forever remains a maestro, a genius, a mastermind and a seductive poet.
    A marshall in mind boggling and thought provoking pieces. A great talent that beats the mind of deep thinkers.
    I salute his marvelous creativity and realistic view of the world.
    The world awaits you!!!

    Bloody well-done.

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  3. It sounds like a movie script. I don’t understand alter ego stuff because I dont have it. Many people on here blogging do. Usually, the blogs I have read, the alter egos wouldnt be able to write, or remember what happened. So I guess, I don’t understand if this is fiction or truth. It is funny as fiction. Is this a fictional type of blog and meant to be comical or is it real? It is well written in any case.

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      1. I have two personalities myself. Not like split personality, but sometimes I am full of anxiety, other times I can do anything I want to do. Is that the same as alter ego, I don’t think quite but it is interesting the way our minds work sometimes.


      2. I guessed right. It’s like when I first started this blog. After the first post my extrovert self sent a link to all my friends then immediately my introvert self took over and I ‘said what the hell have I done’ and actually switched my phone off. Eventually I switched it back on and the responses encouraged me to keep going

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      3. That’s funny. I did as well, except no one read it lol! Which I am glad of because now I am free to write about whatever ai want and they won’t read it. When I go unanonymous I will lighten up on some of ther ants sbout family lol! Which I shouldnt be doing anyway, sometimes you just have to get it out of my system. Thank you.

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      4. Same, always keep going regardless of the responses you get. Honestly it’s rare I take the time to read full length post. But I absolutely enjoyed this. Couldn’t stop. You’re showing us multiple sides. Keep it up!

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